Storytelling has always been an art-form carried through the ages by the technology of the time. Whether by word of mouth, as it was many eons ago, or by book or electronic media used today, that art-form of communicating a story continues. We live in a an age when a story-tellers craft that, on one hand might be found difficult to conform to the main-stream industrial brick and mortar publication outlets, can on the other hand, be made available to millions of readers electronically or Print on Demand online.

With the advent and explosion of the Internet, anyone with a web page can put forth to the "world", content for inspection by all. Be it approved or disapproved, touted or denounced, the choice is truly open to the individual reader. It is with that ideology that I, with the help of Matt McCourry and Aaron Campbell, have put this site together to help promote my science fiction series, starting with Descendants, and now available, the second book of the series, Hereditary Evil.

If you enjoy any of this site, or the books I've written and offer here, GREAT, and THANK YOU. Please be sure to leave a comment on my Facebook page, and share the website with others. If you don't like it and know how to leave a "constructive" comment, I'm always looking for other opinions to disagree with.


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