Descendants: A Synopsis

The human race has been free from violence for over ten thousand years. The gene that was thought to have caused such behavior has been engineered into extinction. Every record of the gene and the violent behavior it caused has been censored and locked away. Possession of any data of that period in history is deemed illegal and the consequences extreme.

Kutch has acquired some of those data files while infiltrating the databases of his employer known only as Corporate, the sole owner of most of the mapped galaxy. The ancient data was so unbelievable that he filed it away as nonsense. But while on the job as Coroner, he found himself staring at a dead man that could only be explained within the context of that illicit information--murder.

Reporting the death of the unknown victim as anything other than normal to Corporate Security would only incriminate himself and his internal Artificial Intelligence implant named Li to their own illegitimate activities. The burden of knowing the truth consumes his every waking thought and evokes ever more frightening dreams.

Kutch and Li embark on a search for answers that leads them to unlikely friends, more confusing questions, and a race toward the unknown as he discovers that the one they seek to stop from killing again will stop at nothing to kill Kutch and Li next. Descendants is a sci-fi, suspense, thriller spanning the galaxy.

The Story Behind The Story

I started writing Descendants in 1997, initially designed to be a short-story and originally ended at the end of Part 1. I sent it off to a L. Ron Hubbard, Sci-fi short-story contest and got a nice letter back. I didn't win, but I got a nice letter back.

Part 1 was meant to be a cliff-hanger ending, and it worked, it left me wanting to explore much more of Kutch, Li and Alex. Besides, the whole mystery of Earth data files being "illegal," got me to really start working out the back story and flushing all the details out.

After several encouraging comments from my wife, friends and a few college professors, I continued writing the story; twelve more parts worth. When I thought I had finished the first book of a three book series in 2007, Descendants was 255,000+ words. I thought I had done my research, but soon discovered that as a "no body" trying to get a book that is 255,000 words looked at by an agent or publisher was going to be impossible. Many of the suggestions were to just cut it down to about 100,000 words, (try chopping out 3/5ths of a story!) or just rewrite it smaller. The one suggestion that made the most sense, was to cut the book in half. I realized the only place that worked was at the end of Part 5, roughly 100,000 words for book one, and what could be considered a reasonable 155,000 words for book two. I spent months digging through the story, the storyline and concepts to decide on the name for the second book, before I finally found one. So the short story grew into the three book series that grew into a four book series. Who knows what will happen next. Prequels?

Mark T. Bacome

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