Hereditary Evil: A Synopsis

Twenty thousand Corporate Security Force personnel are searching the Arcquius Resort planetoid for the rogue suspect, Kutch, who is accused of several mysterious deaths. Surrounded by the strange cult of Elvonians, Kutch has been hidden away in the vault of an eccentric Galactic Board member. Secure but helpless, Kutch watches on the resort news feed as Alex, perhaps his only true friend, crashes into the biosphere lighting grid while being attacked by Cain.

To protect both Li and Kutch from Cain, as well as for their own purposes, the Elvonians have extracted Li from Kutch. Not understanding their motives and desperate to have his AI back in his head where she belongs, Kutch uses some of Alex's unconventional techniques in an attempt to find and rescue Li.

Enraged about Li being hidden and protected, Cain sets his sights on Kutch. Anyone protecting either Li or Kutch will face his full fury.

Watching from an alternate dimension, Li is slowly discovering surprising new abilities and unexpected senses. But time is running short; she will need to quickly harness all of her new talents in order to save Kutch, even if it is at her own expense.

Hereditary Evil is the second book of the Descendants science fiction suspense thriller series, written by Mark T. Bacome, spanning not only the galaxy, but hearts and minds, through multiple dimensions and realms of existence.

The Story Behind The Story

By the time I reached what is now the beginning of Hereditary Evil, (book 2 in the series), I had purchased and read through several writing books and gone to some writers group meetings. I discovered I had a LOT of issues with my writing style. As I started Part 6, I incorporated several of the suggested improvements. The story seemed to read much faster, and smoother, right from the start. Somewhere around Part 7 or 8, I decided I needed to go back to the beginning and rewrite the rest to match. I did a lot of rewriting, but I kept as much of the original as I could. I couldn't see myself writing the beginning all over from scratch. Overall it was a huge improvement and made everything flow a lot better.

When I decided it was time to split the one book into two, it was rather fortunate that Part 5 ended at about 100,000 words, (the recommended "first book size"). Part 6, now the beginning of Hereditary Evil, had a slightly different feel already, with the new writing style incorporated in it from scratch, and it felt like a different book, although it is very much a continuation of the first.

It has taken me several years to get over the idea of the split, and for a long time worried that it did not work. However, after several folks (test readers) giving it a read with positive reactions, I feel better about change. Even after deciding to self-publish the book, making the size no longer a factor, (I could print it any size I wanted), I decided to keep the separation of the two books. The whole "two book" idea just made more sense to me.

I am continuing to find better, clearer, smoother ways to get my thoughts and story down on paper to improve my writing, and I think the start of Book 3, Body Of Souls is already reflecting that. I can't wait to see it in print.

Hereditary Evil is now available online, (Kindle version at Amazon, and 6x9 paperback at Createspace) or various other online book sellers. As always, for updates or to leave comments, be sure to stay in touch through my Mark T. Bacome, Author Facebook page.


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